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Buzz words and memorable quotations of E-merging forum 5

What was E-merging forum 5 like? What will the participants of the forum remember about it? It was a magnificent event where we listened to the sessions, took part in discussions, were creative in discussion groups. We were taught to relieve stress, to teach very young learners, to assess in the right way, to use technology, to lead a healthy lifestyle and many more important things. We enjoyed singing, reciting poetry, making short videos, networking with fellow teachers, making notes and taking photos, tweeting, answering and asking questions, getting prizes, winning the lottery and doing plenty of other exciting activities.  I have tried to collect the most memorable quotations of the forum. I hope you will find the ones you enjoyed and they will remind of good times during E-merging forum. Social networks posts, my notes and photos taken during the forum were used to compile the list. Feel free to add more quotes in comments. Let’s start.

What were the buzz words of E-merging forum 5? I have counted just several and the winner here is the name and ideas of Vygotsky. His name was mentioned and the reference to his legacy was made in every other sessions during the forum. Blended learning and Flipped classroom have definitely been among the most frequently used words at the forum. The terms “digital visitors” and “digital residents” have come into use now instead of notorious “digital immigrants” and “digital natives”. Very young learners, grammar, pronunciation, assessment – all these words were heard here and there during the forum. And what are your top ten buzz words of E-merging forum 5?

And now let’s recollect some precious moments of E-merging forum 5 while reading the most expressive quotations used by plenary and parallel sessions speakers.
1)      “What a child can do with assistance today, she will be able to do by herself tomorrow”- Vygotsky (used in the plenary session of Malgosia Tetiurka).
2)      “The best time for learning a foreign language is between 2 and 12” – Critical Period Hypothesis (from the plenary session of Herbert Puchta).
3)      “Humans are unable to learn a foreign language to a native-speaker standard after the age of puberty” Critical Period Hypothesis (from the plenary session of Herbert Puchta).
4)      “Language learning is about risk-taking,”-Herbert Puchta.
5)      “Storytelling conveys values, not just content,”-Herbert Puchta.
6)      “Young learners learn by doing,”- Malgosia Tetiurka.
7)      “Learning L2 should be fun, though it does not always equal engagement,”- Malgosia Tetiurka.
8)      “Teachers should aim for engagement of their learners, not just “fun for the sake of fun”,- Malgosia Tetiurka.
9)      “A teacher that can be replaced by a machine - should be”,- Sir Arthur Clark (used in the plenary session of Malgosia Tetiurka).
10)   “It turns out … that engineers show, philosophers argue, biologists find and linguists suggest” Hyland (used in the plenary session of Steve Kirk).
11)   “Assume that your students know something and allow them to use what they know, engage students as ‘real’ people”,- Jack Scholes.
12)   “Every person has the innate need to tell stories”, - Svetlana Kuznetsova.
13)   “Digital stories are mini-movies”, - Svetlana Kuznetsova.
14)   “21 century will be the century of the humanities or there will be no such a century at all”, - Claude Levi-Straus (used in a plenary session of Vera Zabotkina).
15)   “We don’t stop being Russian when we write in English”, - Vera Zabotkina.
16)   “We need to teach language in context, not in co-text,”- Steve Kirk.
17)   “There is nothing more suspicious than a foreigner speaking your language the way you do,”- Svetlana Ter-Minasova.
18)   “Cultural mistakes are never forgiven,”- Svetlana Ter-Minasova.
19)   “ ‘Asian’ has bad connotation, ‘European’ has good connotation, but that is not fair either historically or traditionally…We are now more disliked by Europeans and more liked by Asians,”- Svetlana Ter-Minasova.
20)   “I had two thoughts at the same time and now I lost them both,”- Svetlana Ter-Minasova.
21)   “It’s an admirable idea to teach people about their own country,”- Svetlana Ter-Minasova.
22)   “There is no learning when you are relaxed,”- Vygotsky.
23)   “When we learn with emotion, we tend to remember best,”- Jack Scholes.
24)   “4 billion people use smartphones and only 3,5 billion people use a toothbrush,”- Rimma Chaldymbaeva.
25)   “You can and should laugh when learning,”- Jack Scholes.
26)   “You learn more when you are relaxed and have calm mind,”- Jack Scholes.
27)   “I don’t hate Russia. I don’t hate Russians. I love them,”- Jane Allemano.
28)   “My blackberry isn’t working”. - a hillarious video used in the panel session of Alla Nazarenko. 
29)   “Not a sage on the stage but a guide on the side” – the role of a distance learning teacher,” – Alla Nazarenko.
30)   “A teacher is a guide who inspires, motivates and excites the students,”- Alla Nazarenko.
31)   “The average life is approximately 28 000 days,”- Brenda Roche.
32)   “Exercising has a huge impact on mental health,”- Brenda Roche.
33)   “We are what we repeatedly do”,- Aristotle (used in the webinar of Brenda Roche).
34)  "The only thing that really matters in your life are your relationships to other people,"- George Vaillant (used in the webinar of Brenda Roche).
35) "Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least,"- Goethe (used in the webinar of Brenda Roche).
36)   “If you are a stunning teacher, you’ll be loved by every creature,”- Young Learners group presentation.

It was an amazing E-merging forum. Many nice memories! Will be waiting for the recordings now to be able to bring back nice moments of the forum while listening to plenary talks again. 


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Useful selection of quotes from the forum. Thank you.

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You are welcome.

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