Friday, 13 March 2015

Eye-opening experience of Day 2, #EMF 5

During the second day of the forum I made a number of discoveries which I am eager to share here.

   1) Online coverage. I was a strong believer that if I am at the conference I have to stay in the main hall and see the speakers live. It does not matter how many people are there in the same Hall or how far from the speaker the seat is. I believed I should strive to be in the middle of the crowd. My first experience of watching a plenary speaker through an online coverage while actually being at the event proved me wrong. It is much more convenient to be comfortably seated in a not so crowded hall and listen to the talk while seeing the speaker on the screen at a close distance. It does not make it less exciting, I would say on the contrary. That was a surprising discovery of Day 2.

    2)Tweeting is exciting. I have never really grasped the idea of using Twitter and it seemed to me that I am a Facebook fan. It was at E-merging forum of previous years that I came to realize that it actually is quite useful at the events like this. I am an active Twitter user only during the days of the forum and tweeting helps me to remember the information I hear better. It bottles the emotions and thoughts on the spot and it is possible to go back to the post later in order to recollect the highlights of the event. It actually is the way to meet new people at the forum and get to know them. Tweeting at E-merging forum can get you a prize provided you are active enough. So now I am an advocate of Twitter. #emf5

    3) Practical ideas and personal stories make the talk vivid and memorable. There is so much to absorb at the forum that it is next to impossible to remember everything. What stays in mind is what makes an impression. Something practical and something personal in a talk is always valuable. That is how I chose my favourite sessions of Day 2 – those which were practical and contained some personal life stories are my choice. 


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