Sunday, 21 May 2017

NATE 2017 - the place to be!

  Today I am going to write about a huge conference, an important event in the ELT world that is XXIII NATE - Russia International Convention and English Language Expo. Those of you who follow me online and read my blog posts (which now come out not as often as I wish they would😒) remember how excited I have always been about E-merging forum which used to be held in Moscow every year. You can find my blogs about this event here. I must admit I was feeling quite upset when I found out that E-merging forum in Moscow won't be held anymore. However, as they say "every cloud has a silver lining" and I was forced to look for other interesting ELT events that are organized indifferent cities of Russia as well as taking part in organizing some of them in my native city of Yaroslavl (Summer School).

  I love taking part in different conferences, workshops, online courses both as a speaker and a participant. I can't say that all of them always meet my expectations. I also do regret afterwards if I don't manage to take part in some of the most interesting events face-to-face (that was the case with Trendy English Games). So today I would like to invite everyone who wants to be aware of the new trends in ELT, who would like to meet amazing professionals face-to-face, get to know some of their brilliant ideas,those who would like to meet new people, make useful contacts and who would like to do it here and now and not to regret about missed opportunities later. This season the place to be is XXIII NATE - Russia International Convention and English Language Expo.

  I can't deny it, I was contemplating for quite some time whether or not I should take part in it. All of us, teachers, know that being away from home will mean missing teaching hours and finding substitute teachers for our precious students. Not all teachers are willing to make such a sacrifice. However, when I looked at the list of Keynote Speakers of this conference, my doubts disappeared. It is not only the keynote speakers who are so remarkable, look at the programme (you can download the Tentative programme here) and see for yourself, there are so many wonderful workshops to choose from. It is not the event to be missed!  I said to myself: "It's worth the sacrifices, I have to be there".

  Every event is about the atmosphere, about people, about new knowledge that can be later applied in teaching. I am looking forward to meeting the teachers I have known for some time and making new contacts.  If you haven't yet registered for XXIII NATE - Russia International Convention and English Language Expo there is still time to do that, registration for the event is open till May 25. I am going to be a registered blogger for the event, so keep an eye on my blog and follow the event on Facebook and Twitter (#NATE2017).

  Hope to see you in Moscow in less than two weeks!